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BengalIsland Oasis Moon

SBT 052718

Color Test:

B/B, C/Cs, A/Apb, E/E, D/d

8th Generation from All Taro

will be visiting our feline cardiologist in Austin this fall.

This page is dedicated to the Studs we have used and/or using in our breeding program to produce kittens for us.
Without the past, there is no future.




Bahiya Painted Jungle of LoneStarBG, aka PJ

Blue Mink Marble

S:Sunshine A Head Above of Bahiya

D:Bahiya Fall In Love

HCM results - NORMAL have been done by Board Certified Feline Cardiologist, Dr. Katie Meier, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, Cardiology-Austin

July 2018 (age 11.5 months)

June 2019 Normal

DNA test results reveal PJ carries both burmese and siamese genes which makes him a mink.  He does carry the dilute gene and will only produce non-standard color if the girls carry dilute gene also which results reveal Couture and Cindy Lou (Junglebook offspring) both carry dilute.

I admire the many features in PJ that I look forward in my program. He has a very muscular body to carry his very thick tail and his huge paws.  His unique blue mink colored coat to enhance his amazing horizontal flow of his striking marble pattern.

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