News @ LSB

2021 Planned breeding

HCM Screenings done to get base numbers on April 11, 2021

Bahiya Painted Jungle of LoneStarBG

LoneStarBG Cindy Lou Who U

Have arrived!  2 marble males (sepia and blue sepia)  2 spotted females (mink and sepia)

BengalIslandcat Oasis Moon

LoneStarBG Hall 2 Fame 4 Les, Tutu

Due June 20, 2021   Expect brown, lynx point, mink and/or blue

Bahiya Painted Jungle, PJ

LoneStarBG Head over Heels in Love, Meme

unconfirmed/pending   Expect Seal lynx point and Charcoal

BengalIslandcat Oasis Moon

Cheetahsden Head to the Jungle, Clarisca

Bahiya Painted Jungle, PJ

LoneStarBG Who Do U Surrender 2

Lone Star Bengal Cats & Kittens  Texas Dallas Fort Worth area