2013-2014 Show Season Accomplishments

- TICA International Winner SGC 19th BEST ALLBREED KITTEN of the World

- TICA International Winner First BEST BENGAL KITTEN of the World


- TICA Mid Pacific Region BEST BENGAL CAT

- TICA Mid Pacific Region Nineth BEST AllBREED CAT

- TICA Mid Pacific Region Third BEST ALLBREED KITTEN



International Winner SGC Cheetahsden Head Games, aka Kisca

Sire: RW SGC Tohearts UB Too Hot of Lone Star

Dam: CH Cheetahsden Head Over Heels, aka Misca

Kisca traveled earning #19 Best Cat of the World, earned the honored Jean Mill Visionary and was #1 Bengal Kitten to #11 Best Bengal Cat in 2013-2014.

#19 Best Kitten Internationally in 2013-2014

#1 Best Bengal Kitten Internationally 2013-2014

#11 Best Bengal Cat 2013-2014

#9 Best Cat in Mid-Pacific Region

#3 Best Kitten in Mid-Pacific Region


This legend girl has even called 'ahead of her time' but in the end she gives me lots of headbutts from a long line of the beloved 'talkers'. 

Kisca color results: A/A, B/B, C/cs, D/D reveals Siamese gene.

HCM: clear/normal Feburary 2019, March 2020 by Dr. Katie Meier, DVM in Austin who has done my program since 2008

Kisca NOW qualifies to be in the respected club "8 years of age and still clear/normal"  that has been a goal for my program when I started.

Cheetahsden Head to the Jungle

aka Clarisca

seal lynx point

S: Bahiya Painted Jungle of LoneStarBG

D: IW SGC Cheetahsden Head Games

Upcoming girl for 2021

Seal lynx point, born June 24, 2020

LoneStarBG Head over Heels in Love, aka Meme

S: BengalIslandcat Oasis Moon

D: IW SGC Cheetahsden Head Games

Upcoming girl for 2021 G7

Seal Sepia, born 8/31/2020

LoneStarBG Who Do U Surrender 2

S: LA IW SGC Leopardcats Tao Tao of Cheetahsden

D: LoneStarBG Cindy Lou Who U (Junglebook)

Upcoming girl for 2021 G6

Seal Mink, born 4/26/2020

LoneStarBG Hall 2 Fame 4 Les, aka Tutu

S: Bahiya Painted Jungle of LoneStarBG (Junglebook)

D: WinsomeBG Couture, aka Coo U (JungleBook)

LoneStarBG Cindy Lou Who U  (JUNGLEBOOK offspring)

SBT 080417

Cindy Lou Who comes down from a pedigree that has been a sense of pride to continue this unique efforts from the original breeder Les Hall @ JUNGLEBOOK.  Cindy Lou also has retained her whited expression like her mom Coo U.  Too many I let go so this girl was meant to stay with us to expand my efforts to repeat another 'Gibbons'. CL carries some unique genes so we are expecting a wide variety of offspring so do refer to her color results that will amaze us. 6 generations down

HCM Normal/clear: 3/2020, 6/2018 by Dr. Katie Meier, DVM, Austin, Texas

Pk-def results N/N Normal

Bengal PRA results N/N Normal

Color results: A/A, B/bl, C/cb, D/d  reveals Cindy Lou can produce Sepia and dilute with the right stud

S: RW QGC Bangles Changbai

D: WinsomeBG Couture of LoneStarBG, aka Coo U

WinsomeBG Couture of Lone Star, aka Coo U Who

Sire: Winsome Bengals Ripple

Dam: G4 Junglebook Glitterbug of WinsomeBG

Coo U is 5 generations from BAGHARA KHAN OF KENT along with Phiset Egyptian Mau 

I am honored to continue this hard to find older pedigree from Les Hall with Junglebook lines reference page and Les' vision of the 'margay' look for her program.  CooU also has kept her hard to get whited belly that many breeders strive for. My Coo U NOW qualifies to be in the respected club "8 years of age and still clear/normal"  that has been a goal for my program when I started. 

HCM screened clear/negative Feburary 2019, November 2017, July 2016, August 2015, July 2013

PRA N/N-Normal tested at UC Davis

Pk-def N/N-Normal tested at UC Davis

Coo U color results: A/A, B/B, C/cb, D/d, N/M4

carries Burmese gene, dilute gene and one copy LH gene

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Coo Coo2UR, Coo Coo

A found treasure from the now hard to find Junglebook lines. Les Hall worked years with the margay cat look and this girl has that 'wild essence'.